AbstractTransactionalDataSourceSpringContextTests and auto-wire

I got stuck last week because we have two DataSource beans with different names, for different databases. My AbstractTransactionalDataSourceSpringContextTests Unit Tests did not like this:

Unsatisfied dependency expressed through bean property 'dataSource':
No unique bean of type [javax.sql.DataSource] is defined:
expected single matching bean but found 2

The problem is that by default AbstractTransactionalDataSourceSpringContextTests is set to autowire by type. I changed this to autowire by name, in the getConfigLocations method:

protected String[] getConfigLocations(){
        return new String[]{ "test-applicationContext.xml" };

To get the Daos I was testing injected, all I had to do was create getters and setters with the same names as I had specified for for the Dao beans in my applicationContext. So little to do!

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