6 degrees

As a slight digression from the intended subject matter of this blog, I have been reading Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet, by Mark Lynas. I’m struggling a bit to finish it – I’m up to 3 degrees now, and already I’m quite upset. Its kind of preaching to the converted, and I guess I knew this stuff already but how depressing. He has just described Polar Bears as becoming the ‘Living dead’, the word scientists use for species where there are some left, but not enough to save them from extinction. What a responsibility for humankind.

Then I read some reviews of the book by people still in denial about Climate Change, which made me cross! I haven’t personally got time to study all the evidence, but it seems to me that we can’t increase the Greenhouse Gas levels in the atmosphere that much without expecting some kind of consequence. The book is quite wordy and detailed, and you have to concentrate quite hard or all the bad things seem to blur into one, but it is definitely worth a read.

And after that, why not write to Ed Miliband, and see if we can do something about it?


Please? Poor Polar bears :(

2 thoughts on “6 degrees

  1. Don’t panic. Exhaustion of non renewable energy sources (oil, uranium, and every mineral) will lead to a malthusian catastrophe around 2050 therefore solving the the co2 problem. Now go buy an icecream or something and stop being so smart! :D

  2. Well I think you’re right about the malthusian catastrophe, so lets all just eat, drink and be merry… quite a sad outlook for my daughter though.

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