Enabling hibernate in Ubuntu 14.04

The new laptop (Dell Inspiron 5000) has one or two teething issues. Which is disappointing as I had installed Ubuntu on the XPS I had previously (at work) with no problems at all, so thought this laptop would be a safe bet.

At present I can’t use suspend. Although the laptop sounds like it is resuming, the screen remains blank and I have to do a hard reset. It’s a pain starting everything up again whenever I shut down, so I thought I’d try hibernate instead.

For some reason this is not available on the system tray menu. To hibernate from the terminal the command is:

sudo pm-hibernate

My laptop resumes fine after this. To add the option to the system tray menu, I edited the file


I changed the setting ResultActive to yes in the two places below:

[Disable hibernate by default in upower]

[Disable hibernate by default in logind]

I also decided it would be useful for the laptop to hibernate if I shut the lid. To do this I edited the file


I replaced the line below:




Reboot required after these changed. Now it will at least hibernate. Thanks to this blog post (and the comments) for the guidance: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/04/enable-hibernate-ubuntu-14-04/

Next I need to get the audio working…

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