Dynarch DHTML Calendar IE7 positioning problem

My husband wants me to post this, in case it helps anyone to find the patch…

We’ve both used the Dynarch DHTML Calendar in projects over the years. And had been quietly ignoring the fact it has problems in Internet Explorer 7. The calendar displays in the wrong position when you are in Standards Compliance Mode (using a proper doctype).

Well… there’s a patch, here:

So there you go.

7 thoughts on “Dynarch DHTML Calendar IE7 positioning problem


    I have spent some hours with this problem

    ad been quietly ignoring !!! what’s this, can’t believe it

    thanks again

  2. Anorak Girl, you are a sweetheart for taking the time to put this up (and “thank you” to your husband as well)! After wrestling with this problem for a long time, and many hours poring through the forums at the Dynarch site (and I couldn’t even find a conclusive solution there!), your blog post was like an oasis in the desert, and saved my backside on a project I was doing. THANK YOU!!!

  3. Hi,
    I have seen this patch also discussed on the main website (http://www.dynarch.com/projects/calendar/old/), however, no-one seems to have commented on the fact that the fix does not work as needed, if the popup link is on the far right of the screen or at the bottom. The popup floods over the edge of the screen, and the scrollbars extend – if you click the scrollbars, the popup disappears of course. It’s all fine in FF of course. The nearest I can get to a fix, is to leave the old x position code as it was which seems to stop it flooding over the right side of the screen, and using the new y position workaround – when it floods over the bottom you have to use the mousewheel to scroll down as this does not make the popup disappear.
    I’m continuing to scour the web for someone who has written a complete fix.

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