Spring Security: Method Level Security with JSF so far…

My personal Gotcha’s in case they are of use to anyone else:

1. Ensure you have compatible versions of Spring and Spring Security. I am using Sping Security 2.0.4 and Spring 2.5.6. Originally my Spring was a slightly older version (2.5) and I got the following error:


I fixed this by upgrading to the latest Spring. I think the problem was resolved in Spring 2.5.2 and relates to this bug: http://jira.springframework.org/browse/SPR-4459

2. Make sure the methods you are securing are actually in Spring Managed beans, doh! My @Secured annoration was being ignored entirely, and it took me ages to realise why – some of my beans are still in faces config files, so Spring has no way of knowing about them. Moving the beans into the Spring configuration fixed the problem straight away.

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